Writing A Fiction Novel Why Characters Play Important Role

Writing A-Fiction Novel

Do you have what it takes in writing a fiction novel? A creative mind is necessary in writing a fiction novel. The story must be believable to the reader. Fiction writing gives you the freedom to let your imagination go wild. It is important to have a novel outline to ensure you conclude your novel … Read more

Writing Novels Should You Follow Your Passion


Is your talent Writing Novels? Writing is a passion that most people express when they are children. Writing novels require one to be dedicated to complete the project. You can write on any subject close to your heart as long as it will interest the readers. The internet platform has made it possible for passionate … Read more

Novel Writing Tips for Publishing A Novel

Novel Writing Tips

Novel Writing Tips to get Your Novel Published It is important to write a novel on a topic you understand; it will flow naturally without feeling forced. You can research on the topic to gain more understanding of the characters you want to portray. A number of famous writers have provided novel writing tips that … Read more

How To Write A Book For Kindle – Know Kindle Better

Write A Book For-Kindle

How To Write A Book For Kindle: A Picture Paints A Thousand Problems Despite the progress of the digital revolution, the printed book still has a huge advantage over the kindle. Non-fiction books in particular have the advantage of being able to include vivid and colorful diagrams or pictures, which aid the reader enormously. Whereas … Read more

How to Write a Kindle eBook – Fiction and Non-Fiction

How to Write a Kindle-eBook

Writing a Kindle Fiction eBook If you have a great idea for a story, but have never written before, then you are lucky enough to be living in an age of unparalleled opportunity.  Writing and publishing fiction has never been easier than in the digital age in which we currently find ourselves. But when asking … Read more